[New Magic Item] Knoakes Naughty Lantern

Knoakes Naughty Lantern

‘Don’t light that thing! Throw it out the window! Smash it! Break it!’ Chalk shouted at Navnen as he was about to light his new acquisition; a magical lantern.

‘But remember that time it unlocked that magical lock?’ the thief asked.

‘Or the time we got that extra gold?’ Koram chimed in.

‘I clearly remember that time we danced like fools until we were exhausted, that I recall,’ the wizard replied.

Valance walked in petting a large and disturbing looking spider.

‘Going to light that again?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

Navnen and Koram looked over at Chalk who was scowling heavily.

Moments later they were dancing again to a strange piping music.

‘I am sorry I asked,’ Valance shouted above the din.

This magical lantern looks mundane and often multiple lanterns will appear in a regular shop by the hand of some mischief maker. Although these items radiate magic they do not say what that magic actually does.

Benefit: When lit this magic lantern immediately does one of the following and will only manifest one effect once per day, roll 1d6 for effect:

  1. All rope within 45′ will no longer make a secure knot of any kind. This effect is permanent.
  2. All non-magical beings within 45′ are restored to full hit points. Magical beings in the same radius take 1d4 points of damage.
  3. All sentient beings dance uncontrollably for 1d3 turns (10-30 minutes). Living creatures are exhausted after the exertion and incapable of combat or other strenuous activity for at least one turn of rest.
  4. All beings carrying coins are now carrying 2d10x10 extra gold coins. Unspent extra coins fade away in three days.
  5. The light of the lantern illuminates a scroll with a spell usable by at least one nearby spellcaster.
  6. All magical seals, glyphs, locks and wards within 45′ become mundane for three turns (30 minutes) and then regain their enchantment.

Usable by: Anyone.

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