[New Magic Item] Helm of Torab

Helm of Torab

Valance reigned in his mount.

‘Koram! That’s it! Either you go ahead and we catch up or I change my mount to a titanic spider,’ the priest of the Spider God shouted.

‘What?’ the fighter asked in confusion.

‘Your horse bit mine again when you weren’t looking,’ replied Valance.

The fighter nervously adjusted his new helmet.


‘I’ll ride ahead, I don’t want to start a bloodbath,’ Koram said.

‘Sort that horse out, it is a menace, it nipped at me too,’ Chalk added.

In a huff Koram rode off ahead of the others, trying to figure out how to keep the helmet and not have a carnivorous horse.

It is said that Torab was a fighter that sometimes caused more calamaties than he helped to avert. As a present he was given this enchanted helmet that also sometimes causes more problems than it solves.

Benefit: This ornate metal helmet grants the wearer +1/-1 to AC (depending on whether you are using Ascending or Descending Armor Class) in addition to causing any mount that the person has to ignore fatigue for two days. The downside? Each mount has a 5% cumulative chance of becoming carnivorous and ravenous at that, if not already a meat-eater. Each day that the mount can eat meat it will fatigue at half the rate of a normal mount. If the helm is lost or the mount not used for one week it reverts back to being a herbivore if it was before.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a metal helm.

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