[New Magic Item] Grazug’s Head Busting Club

Grazug’s Head Busting Club

Koram reeled in pain as the orc struck him on the head with his wooden club. Navnen and Valance also cried out in pain from either side of the fighter and all three stumbled back a few steps as the orc bandit leered and prepared to swing again.

‘That club! It is enchanted!’ the fighter yelled as he shook off the pain to gather his thoughts.

Navnen popped his jaw and clenched his teeth as the pain subsided.

‘What was your first clue? The intense pain or the fact that three of us felt one blow?’ the thief asked.

The orc got in another swing, this time to the left shoulder. All three adventurers felt it, not as painful as the first blow was.

Chalk threw a ball of lightning at the orc bandit who shrieked and ran for safety as his cohorts loaded their bows.

‘This skirmish is going to hurt,’ grumbled the fighter.

‘Let’s hope that it pays off,’ added Navnen.

The great orc warlord Grazug was gifted this magical weapon by a strange being shrouded in mystery. Being an orc he did not question this much, he just set about cracking skulls. Appears as an oak club with a stylized orc head carved on the business end.

Benefit: When facing multiple foes this enchanted wood club deals 1d6+2 damage to not only the main combatant who takes full damage, but also any ally to either side of the target, who takes half damage if within 15′ of the target. On a roll result of a natural 19 or 20 the target takes triple damage and those allies of the target to either side take double damage.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a club.

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