[New Magic Item] Lens of Ornog Volb

Lens of Ornog Volb

Gently the master thief, Kribreg removed a small item from his pocket. Before the thief was a quartet of scrolls on the dusty floor, next to him stood a small, nervous looking man who was wringing his hands. Kribreg ran the strange round object over the first scroll, then the second, third and fourth.

‘Illusionist; Summon Shadows, Illusionist; Hypnotism, Cleric; Detect Magic and Arcane; Lightning Bolt, that is what I see,’ the thief said.

The merchant tapped a foot and fidgeted as he did some figuring in his head.

‘Seven-hundred gold pieces for the illusionist and wizard scroll,’ he finally replied.

‘Not interested in the cleric spell then?’ the thief asked.

‘I only have brought….’ the merchant began.

Kribreg contemplated a minute.

‘Take them all for seven-hundred gold. Next time I need a good fence I will look you up,’ the thief said.

The merchant hastily handed over the coins and gathered up the scrolls only to nod nervously and scurry off. The clanking of armor could be heard in the distance. Kribreg grabbed the rope and ascended up through the hole in the ceiling and replaced the tiles so that nothing could remained of the exchange other than a disturbance in the dusty floor.

No records remain to tell us who Ornog Volb was. The magic item itself is a transparent disk that is about 7” in diameter and appears to be the cornea of a massive creature.

Benefit: Very useful for sorting out documents and magical scrolls, this magic item does not require the user to be literate, only observant. This magic item is usable at will, yet only once per day for any one item. To use the Lens of Orno Volb one merely applies the lens directly to a written document, scroll, engraving, etc and makes a Wisdom Attribute check. If the result is a success the lens transforms any and all writing into pictograph images that describe what the writing means. Magical scrolls are easily deciphered, for example a Fireball scroll could depict an image of a humanoid casting ball of fire and scattering other creatures, etc. If the check fails the depicted images are scattered and unreliable.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Lens of Ornog Volb

  1. Confanity says:

    Sorry if this complaint seems nitpicky – the underlying concept is pretty nice! – but this one is really bothering me:
    “The magic item itself is a transparent disk that is about 7” in diameter and appears to be the cornea of a massive creature.”
    But… a cornea is neither a disk nor a lens! It’s more of a bowl shape. Saying that the Lens is a “disk that… appears to be [a] cornea” makes no more sense than if you said “the Hand of Ancev is a five-pronged mass that appears to be a desiccated elbow.” If you want to have a disk-shaped (rather than concave/convex) item called a “Lens,” why not just make it be the lens?

    Like… what happened here? Did you choke on the word “lens” after repeating it one too many times and let your brain trick itself into believing that “cornea” was a synonym? It happens to the best of us (or at least to me), but that’s the kind of thing you really need to catch in the edit.
    Anyway, keep up the good work! I appreciate all of the interesting ideas on the blog as a whole. 🙂

    • bat says:

      Thank you for all of the input. My idea that I was trying to get across is that this was the cornea of some alien or extra-planar creature and that in this situation the cornea is a lens as it interprets what it sees. One looks at words and sees pictures describing the words.

      I just write these as a stream of consciousness exercise. I put little deep thought into these because the intention is for people to make what they will of the posts.

      Again, thank you for the input, I will correct on the edit!

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