[New Spell] Fade Into Smoke

Fade Into Smoke

‘There is smoke drifting this way from that bonfire,’ Navnen said, pointing to the nearby fire.

‘Nothing good can come of this, and here we are, sitting at the top of a stone tower,’ Chalk replied.

The smoke neared as the adventurers wondered what it would bring.

With a cough and a splutter the druidess Knat sprang from the curling smoke.

‘So much pitch in that pine wood, it burns too rich!’ she exclaimed as she gained her bearings.

‘It is trouble alright,’ Koram said with a wry smile.

‘Who were you expecting? An efreeti?’ the druidess inquired.

Fade Into Smoke (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: Variable (see below).

This handy spell alows the caster or someone he or she designates and up to the druid’s Wisdom modifier to be able to leap into smoke and drift off. The smoke of a candle is weak and only allows the smoke to drift for two turns before taking their normal forms. The smoke of a torch grants six turns of slow drifting, a campfire 1d4 turns, a bonfire 2d6 turns, a conflagoration four turns and a massive devastating fire 2d10+4 turns before the subject(s) slowly drift back to the ground and return to normal, although with a Dexterity attribute check one can leave the smoke at any time. In smoke form the only magical weapons do damage, yet those in this form cannot physically fight and magic is impossible without the ability to invoke the spell, although psionics are possible. Note: this spell can also be used offensively too, in which case the target may make a Save versus Paralysis to avoid drifting off into the smoke.

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