[New Magic Item] Ring of Ash

Ring of Ash

‘One thing is for sure,’ the elf ranger said.

‘What is that?’ asked Fellhorn the druid.

‘This magical ring is more useful than we thought at first,’ the elf replied as he admired the silvery ring on his hand.

‘What makes you say that?’ asked the gnome illusionist.

‘We now know that we are hopelessly lost in these catacombs, look!’ the elf pointed to tracks on the floor.

A pair of tracks was revealed in the torchlight. Small, gnome sized, with a tiny toe exposed on the left foot. The illusionist lifted his left foot and looked at it then smiled sheepishly.

‘I have been meaning to get that mended,’ he replied.

‘Oh no, you at least have proven that we are lost and following ourselves, you should be thanked,’ replied the elf with his usual sarcasm (even though he did feel it was true).

An easily overlooked magic item, often tossed aside or left for whoever wants it, until a clever owner finds various uses for this enchanted silver ring with a smokey grey stone set in it. Possibly created by an efreeti princess as a gift to a mortal of some renown.

Benefit: Twice per day this magical ring may be employed to emit a cone of hot ash 1′ at the vertex, 10′ long and 10′ wide at the base diameter. This hot ash can catch any combustibles on fire with a 65% chance (this includes skeletal/dessicated creatures like animated skeletons and zombies), leave a path of ash used to watch for the approach of invisible creatures as the creep forward to attack or temporarily blind living target for two rounds if they fail a Saving Throw versus Breath Attacks, one round if they make their save. There are other uses for this ring that a clever individual can come up with, these are just three.

Usable by: Anyone.

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