[New Spell] Hands of Trolls

Hands of Trolls

The two orc magi watched the fracas below from a rocky ledge in the cavern. Two humans, an elf and a dwarf were struggling to fight off a half a dozen grasping and clawing troll hands that seemed to be slowly growing into arms.

‘Where do you think all of those severed troll hands come from?’ one orc asked the other.

‘I don’t know. Misadventure? Weird human collectors? Unlucky trolls? Hard to say. One thing is for sure, they do come in handy and are entertaining,’ the other orc replied.

‘I’ll throw a spell down there to distract them, make one of them dance uncontrollably and give those troll hands some time to regenerate more,’ the first orc said as he prepared to cast a spell.

‘Excellent idea, that will show those intruders!’ snorted the second orc.

Hands of Trolls (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 30′.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This strange spell conjures 1d4+1/Int modifier severed troll hands that can be directed to attack any individual within 30′ of the caster. These clawed hands not only deal 1d6 damage from the talons, but they also regenerate at a rate of 5 hit points per round (each hand begins with 5 hit points), which means that any undefeated claws will potentially regenerate completely into complete trolls in an average of six rounds. Fire and acid attacks deal double damage and the creature cannot regenerate from such attacks if defeated (brought to 0hp or lower).

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