[New Magic Item] Talisman of Mimicry

Talisman of Mimicry

Each time the prince heard his sister’s voice it was calling out just a little further down the treacherous alley until he was certain he heard her calling for help from within the ramshackle old house before him. So intent was he to save her that he did not notice the trio of shadows following him to the house, nor that his own bodyguard was distracted in the market and did not notice him slip away from them. He tried the door, it was strangely unlocked. Arming himself with a dagger the prince steeled himself for a moment and then burst into the dilapidated house.

Looking around, the prince saw only an unsavory looking fellow cleaning his fingernails with a knife.

The villain said nothing as he kicked a chair out from under the table. His three associates silently entered the room and shut the door.

‘My sister!’ exclaimed the prince. ‘Where is she? I would save her from being held for ransom.

The man at the table cleared his throat and laughed coarsely.

‘It is the princess who will be paying YOUR ransom, it seems,’ the man said and then cackled. His companions joined one.

‘When do we send word?’ one of the other kidnapers asked in the voice of the princess.

The prince sat and sulked in the chair, realizing that he had been had.

This highly polished stone with a strange, thin, silvery webbing decorating it looks harmless enough. When used properly it can almost induce madness in the listener.

Benefit: The bearer of this strange talisman can, once per day, use it to duplicate a certain voice that he or she has heard in not only themselves up to four other living individuals within a 60′ radius. If the target audience cannot see a particular speaker there is a 97% chance that he or she will believe that it is the person in question. The duration is one hour or as soon as any of those affected coughs to clear their throat, which “resets” their own voice only.

Usable by: Anyone.

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