[New Magic Item] Necklace of Near Invulnerability

Necklace of Near Invulnerability

Vistis the Blue Mage approached Stork as the latter poured over a few newly acquired scrolls.

‘Why did you entrust the porter with that enchanted necklace?’ Vistis asked.

Stork paused a moment over his reading.

‘To see what would happen, it didn’t seem right, something about that thing is off. Why do you ask?’ he replied.

‘Well, I witness a couple of thugs trying to rob him and before I could react one of them stabbed him with a knife in the guts. Our porter then laughed at the robber and in turn stabbed him back, the other thug ran off, the porter turned into some type of ratman, twitched his whiskers nervously while looking around and scurried off into the shadows,’ the illusionist replied.

‘I knew that there was something strange about that necklace, it seemed weird!’ the sorcerer exclaimed.

‘Yes, but before that the porter took a knife to the stomach,’ Vistis said.

‘Not enough benefit for me to become some sort of upright vermin,’ insisted Stork.

This ancient bronze necklace is made of many heavy links and a large, rune-covered rectangular pendant. Said to have been made by a mad sorcerer, the advantages some say outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefit: When worn this enchanted necklace prevents the wearer from being harmed by any weapons except those of magic or silver. However, there is a 05% chance per day/each time that the necklace is worn that the wearer will become either a wererat or wereboar (50% chance of either and can only happen once and is permanent short of a Remove Curse or Wish magic). As a lycanthrope the wearer is in control of the changes to hybrid and animal forms and is not affected by the phases of the moon.

Usable by: Anyone.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Necklace of Near Invulnerability

  1. Dick says:

    I like the concept, never have enough werecritters around if you ask me. My take on that concept over here if you want a look: https://sanctumreconditesage.blogspot.com/2020/10/a-week-full-of-daggers-ratsticker.html

    • bat says:

      Hey, thank you very much for the comment! Ratsticker is an imposing weapon and the complication of a breakout of wererats is really superb.

      • Dick says:

        Thanks. One reason I like weres so much is the way they can turn into a plague so rapidly if you’re not careful. Kind of like a zombie apocalypse scenario but the infected are harder to detect, way smarter, and maybe looking to recruit the PCs rather than just eat them.

  2. bat says:

    And they can infiltrate thieves guilds too. I had a Labyrinth Lord player become a wererat it was awkward and interesting to see how the player used the abilities.

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