[New Spell] Curse: Subtle Enlargement

Curse: Subtle Enlargement

‘Have you grown, runt?’ the elf ranger asked the gnome illusionist.

The gnome instinctively put his hand on his belly.

‘I meant your height, you seem taller,but yeah, you are getting a gut too,’ the elf said.

‘Ever since he gambled with those other gnome spellcasters at that inn near Oakbridge he has been getting taller I think,’ Fellhorn the druid commented.

‘But that was months ago!’ squeaked the gnome, his face red.

‘Is that hat a little tight on your noggin?’ the elf asked.

The druid and ranger both chuckled at the aggravated gnome.

‘I think you need to see someone about some bad magic on you,’ the elf suggested.

The gnome just grumbled and stomped off, his feet pounding on the floorboards of the cottage like they never had before.

Curse: Subtle Enlargement (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.

The target of this curse may not at first realize that he or she has even had a spell cast upon them. Each week the victim gains two inches in height and roughly five pounds of weight, the latter despite an activity such as adventuring or exercise. In two months clothing will not fit right, in four months even the tallest of a species will start to stand out in a crowd. A size Small creature, like a gnome has the potential to grow as large as a Hill Giant while an average human might become the size of a Frost Giant in time. As the size increase become more apparent the Charisma of the victim will tend to decrease one point per month after three months unless around other giants. Special size clothing and gear will be necessary as well. Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish magic will restore the cursed one immediately to normal.

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