[New Magic Item] Violet Stones

Violet Stones

‘The quartet of goblins cautiously approached the glowing purplish mushroom. Ever so quietly one would creep forward and grab a purple stone at its base, if one of the dark branches came swinging at the scavenger the others would warn it. After a few tries they had a dozen small rocks. And then began throwing them at each other a safe distance away.

Upon impact the rocks would explode into a small cloud of purple dust, this dust being thousands of tiny spores. The goblins breathed them in and their eyes grew big as they tittered amongst themselves, seeing things no casual observer could see.

One of the goblins threw one of the last stones at another and hit him square in the chest. The rock exploded and the goblin seemed to suddenly be ablaze in an eerie purple fire that consumed it, sending the small screaming thing off to who knows where?

The remaining trio of goblins realized that their game had gone too far and scampered off for their lair as best as they could being haunted by hallucinations every step of the way.

At the base of ancient violet fungi it is said that the stones themselves become tainted with time. There is often little other reason to go poking about under an eight foot tall mushroom that can swing a branch at you that will rot your flesh,

Benefit: These purple stones make excellent ammunition for slings or as thrown items. While, upon impact each stone only has a 25% chance of doing two points of damage, each stone also erupts if thrown and explodes upon hitting a solid surface (much like a thrown puffball mushroom), releasing a cloud of hallucinogenic spores one and a half feet in diameter. Any living creature breathing these spores in that fails a Save versus Poison is subjected to very vivid and wild hallucinations that last for 1d6+2 hours. Once struck and showered with these spores there is a 25% chance that subsequent strikes while the subject is hallucinating will transport them to the Fey Realm in a random location.

Usable by: Anyone. Some willingly.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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