[New Magic Item] Crow Brooch

Crow Brooch

Knat the druidess suddenly appeared amongst the adventurers in a whirl of black feathers and swirling shadows.

‘Hey! A little warning next time!’ Chalk snapped.

‘Now boys! None of that. There is a bandit king following me and I might need some help,’ Knat responded.

‘What did you do now?’ asked Valance.

‘Well, I stole this brooch of the bandit king’s for a start. And this magical knife of his. And this pouch of coins he had,’ the druidess replied.

Navnen looked at the haul.

‘You druids are as sneaky as us thieves,’ he said, shaking his head at the impressive haul.

Highly coveted by bandit kings, scouts, spies and even rangers and druids, this magical brooch has been stained with the blood of its owner more than once. A wise owner does not flash this about until it is needed.

Benefit: Once per 72 hours this magical brooch, as long as it is used as a clasp for a cape (hooded or not), will transport the wearer and his or her gear up to three miles per level of character (one mile for 0 level characters) as long as the wearer has a map (an actual map, not a rough scrawl) in one hand and can touch the destination point within their limitations that they can go.

Usable by: Anyone.

Note; Not to be mistaken for the Crow Amulet (q.v.) which can be used to steal this magic item with the Crows-View Ring (also q.v.).

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