[New Spell] Weapon with Your Name On It

Weapon with Your Name On It

The elder dwarf raised his enchanted war hammer and growled at the elf king. The latter looked astonished at the sight of the weapon that seemed to blaze with magic. One could even note a hint of fear in his eyes. He drew a longsword that made a strange sound as it left its sheath.

‘You have not lost that damned hammer yet, I see,’ the elf said cooly.

‘Not this one, not the one with your name on it,’ grumbled the dwarf.

‘Let’s do this,’ sighed the elf.

‘This is going to hurt. A lot,’ said the dwarf as he grabbed the war hammer in both hands.

‘I know,’ muttered the elf to himself.

As the hammer hit the elf’s off hand shoulder the elf groaned in pain as bones broke. Now the weapon was at its maximum curse against him. The elf had not choice but to accept his Fate for choices of the distant past as the hammer struck a knee and he dropped.

Weapon with Your Name On It (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent.

When cast upon a weapon of any kind (actual, not improvised) this spell permanently enchants that weapon so that upon first successful strike that weapon is now +1 to hit AND damage that particular being from now on. The target can be living, undead or a construct. Each year afterwards an additional +1 to hit and damage may be added for the first successful hit until a maximum of +4 is accrued. If that being is not encountered the next year it can easily skip a year year, a dozen, or a thousand years and pick up where the enchantment left off.

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