[New Spell] Calling The Witnesses

Calling The Witnesses

Navnen had just about pried the door open to the second floor of the small mansion when he heard a cough below, Jorgil, priest of the God of Law was clearing his throat as a few locals appeared.

‘Are you sure that you want to do this?’ the cleric asked.

Navnen grumbled and threw a few silver coins on the ground. The riffraff scrambled to pick them up, arguing amongst themselves as to who got which ones.

The thief smirked at the priest.

More people showed up. A gnome merchant appeared and instantly looked shocked.

‘Do we call the watch?’ the gnome asked the priest.

‘And now?’ Jorgil asked.

‘You know that this is the hideout of the cult of the Chaos god of Deceit, Xoxis-Loz?’ the thief asked the priest.

Jorgil looked surprised then pointed in the other direction and the crowd stared across the alley.

‘Carry on, for now,’ he snarled at Navnen.

Calling The Witnesses (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: One mile/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

When this spell is cast a silent call goes out, and curious onlookers appear seemingly out of the woodwork. Farmers, yokels, guardsmen, anyone at random will appear and be attracted to the caster or anyone that they indicate within their Line Of Sight. These people are not apt to become involved in anything they see unless it is particularly atrocious or, in the case of guardsmen/city watch/constables/etc violates a law in which case they are more or less compelled to get involved. Usually up to 1d20 individuals appear.

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