[New Magic Item] Necklace of Blending In

Necklace of Blending In

‘How long have we had the hobgoblin warrior in our group?’ the gnome illusionist asked the human druid and elf ranger. The trio looked over to the hobgoblin who looked back and smiled revealing sharp fangs.

‘I am not sure, but he has been pretty useful so far,’ the elf said.

‘Yeah, I cannot complain either,’ added the druid.

‘We could use the muscle, I guess we just keep running with this situation,’ the gnome said, sounding puzzled as much as the others.

‘Excuse me, sir, are you ready to break camp?’ the gnome asked the hobgoblin.

‘Glazug, my name is Glazug,’ replied the hobgoblin. ‘And yes, we should get back on the trail and find a safer place before dark.’

The other three shrugged and joined in helping the humanoid break camp as they packed up and moved deeper into the wilderness.

Created for an ogre mercenary by a very appreciative archmage whom the ogre saved, this magical necklace is handy for infiltration or just finding a place to fit in when you are a misfit. Or orc.

Benefit: When worn this enchanted necklace radius an aura of calm and normalcy despite the unusual appearance of the wearer who is often a kobold, goblin, ogre or similar creature. Anyone with a particular reason to question the individual being can make a Wisdom Attribute test, with a modifier of -1 to the roll if there is a reason to track that species, such as a ranger with that particular creature as a favored enemy or the village or town or even adventuring party having been attacked by this type of creature recently. Add a +1 to the roll if the creature has a convincing story/reason to be in this situation. Creatures exempt from benefit of this magic item are listed below. The caveat; if the wearer of this magical necklace attacks those who have taken them in then any retaliation is +1 to hit and damage.

Usable by: Anyone except lycanthropes, doppelgangers, changelings and extra-planar creatures.

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