[New Magic Item] Vulture Amulet

Vulture Amulet 

Human, elf and hobgoblin regarded the gnome illusionist as he ate his meal with fervor. The trio grimaced in unison.

‘What?’ asked the small illusionist.

‘Not even I would eat that,’ commented Glazug the hobgoblin.

The gnome shrugged and continued gnawing on the rancid deer leg.

‘I cannot witness any more of this!’ exclaimed the elf ranger and he got up from the camp fire and wandered off into the trees.

The gnome laughed after the elf was out of earshot.

‘I so enjoy watching him wince when I use this magic item,’ the gnome said.

‘Even when we have plenty of food and you keep dragging that deer leg around,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

A very useful magical item for those out in the Wild. Maybe not always understood by bystanders. Reportedly created by a druidess to help those that aided her in taking care of wounded birds in her grove. Shaped like a colorful, stylized vulture.

Benefit: With a needle and hasp backing this enchanted item maybe be attached like either a pin or brooch. The wearer is able to eat carrion and find it not only palatable, but also quite appealing. This item may be shared, yet anyone removing this magic item within an hour of having used it must make a Constitution Attribute check adding +2 to the result. Failure means that the eater of carrion becomes violently ill and will suffer -3 to their Constitution score for the next eight hours, those who pass are developing an ‘iron stomach’.

Usable by: Anyone.

Inspired by: https://vultureconservancy.org/help/

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