[New Monster] Ogre, Astral

Ogre, Astral

Stork the sorcerer set the bag of scrolls down as he stood at the top of the tower with his adventuring companion, Vistis, the Blue Mage.

‘They are coming,’ the sorcerer said to the illusionist.

Moments later a trio of leather armored ogres appeared. They were armed with swords and hammers and looked ready for violence.

‘As you requested, the scrolls that will allow you passage through the Astral Divide,’ Stork said looking without fear into the eyes of the lead ogre.

‘Why not kill them now, keep treasure?’ one of the astral ogres behind the leader asked.

‘You may want to make the trip again sometime,’ Stork replied for the ogre leader.

‘This true, wizard right. Bring treasure,’ the leader told the others.

A huge sack was handed to Stork, it was too heavy for him to carry. He peered inside, then nodded to the lead ogre.

The leader then grabbed the bag of scrolls and snapped his fingers, the ogres faded back to the Astral Plane.

‘Are those real astral crystals? If so we are wealthy beyond imagination!’ Vistis said.

‘And when the astral raiders find out that those scrolls are fake we won’t be bothered by those three again,’ replied Stork with a wry smile.

Ogre, Astral: AC 6 [+13], HD 4 (18hp), Att 1 × punch (1d6) or weapon (longsword 1d10), THAC0 12 [+7], MV 90’ (30’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (2), ML 8, AL Chaotic, XP 155, NA 1d8 (2d8), TT D

▶ Weapons: prefer longswords, axes and hammers.
▶ Planar ‘jump’. Once per day can jump from and back to the Astral Plane. There is a blurring of the ogre for ten seconds when they ‘jump in’ or ‘out’ in which one could make a Dexterity Attribute check to attack or attempt to grab something away from an Astral Ogre before they are gone.

Smarter than normal ogres, yet without the capabilities of the dreaded ogre magi, astral ogres are hard-hitting bandits that appear, raid an area and quickly leave. The problem is that these monsters often take an artifact or sacred weapon back to their strange extra-planar lairs that must be retrieved.

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