[New Magic Item] Potion of Summon Me

Potion to Summon Me

‘Where does that portal go, I wonder?’ Navnen inquired as he walked around the strange glowing split in reality.

Koram rummaged through his backpack.

‘No….don’t waste it on that,’ urged Chalk.

‘We have not even used one drop yet, and it is my treasure,’ the fighter retorted.

Triumphantly Koram held aloft a small vial of light blue liquid. He unstoppered the glass container and smiled at his companions.

‘Pickle?’ Valance asked.

‘Pickle!’ the fighter shouted just before he took a sip of the liquid, secure the cork and leaped into the unknown.

The others stood around for a few minutes.

‘Pickle,’ Chalk said aloud.

Koram appeared seconds later, battered and bruised, a strange greenish ichor on the blade in his hand.

‘That is NOT where we want to go,’ replied the wild-eyed and battered looking fighter as he staggered off to find some place to sit down and collect himself.

A strange concoction that is handy when you really need to split the party. Just be careful who is listening when the command word is uttered.

Benefit: The imbiber of this enchanted potion may be summoned by anyone who hears the command word to summon them, which must be said aloud just before the potion is imbibed. For the next 48 hours those who drank the potion may be summoned to the presence of anyone who says the word to summon them. If for some reason two or more say the command word at once the one who drank the potion is sent to the Etherial Plane instead. A typical vial holds four doses.

Usable by: Anyone.

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