[New Spell] Wailing Fire

Wailing Fire

Koram blinked in disbelief as the campfire began screaming. It started low then built itself up into a loud, irritating shrieking cacophony. He immediately began kicking dirt onto the fire.

‘What’s happening?’ Chalk asked as he emerged from the large tent.

‘The fire began screaming,’ the fighter replied matter-of-factly.

The sorcerer shrugged.

‘Night is coming soon,’ Navnen the thief said as a bat fluttered into their camp.

Just before Valance sicced a rather brutish looking spider on the bat as it landed on the ground it transformed into Knat the druidess.

‘Here you boys are, I thought I would never find you!’ she said as she dusted herself off.

‘Did you have to cause our fire to scream to find us?’ Koram asked.

‘It was the best way I knew how to find you. Now we had better plan for that orc warband that heard the fire screaming too,’ Knat replied.

Navnen’s eyes rolled back as he went to retrieve his short swords for the upcoming skirmish.

Wailing Fire (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 120’+30’/level.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

This druidic spell causes all fires within range of the spell to begin shrieking and wailing, creating a loud cacophony that can be heard for twice the range of the spell and is nearly unbearable at the fire site itself. Putting the fire out will cause the sound to fade and become silent. A candle will not be as loud as a torch, campfire or lantern, each will emit an appropriate loud, irritating sound. Note that real and magical fires are affected by this spell, but not illusionary fires.

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