[New Magic Item] Cowl of the Bumblebee

Cowl of the Bumblebee

Navnen the thief covered his ears with his fists as Koram kept talking.

‘The droning is driving me crazy!’ he exclaimed.

‘Okay, we know it works now and what it is,’ Chalk told Koram.

The fighter walked behind the thief who was sitting at the dining table in the cottage.

‘Buzz, buzz, buzzzzz,’ Koram said casually.

‘Stop it!’ the thief shouted.

‘I am not even wearing the thing now,’ the fighter said and then laughed.

Navnen scowled at the fighter.

‘Very funny.’

Appears as a simple, plain, almost drab looking cowl that will wrap around the head of a gnome or an ogre equally well. The faded image of a bumblebee is embroidered on the throat area of this enchanted garment.

Benefit: Usable at will. The wearer of this magical head covering can project a normal voice to everyone that they wish to, everyone else hears nothing more than the droning of a group of bumblebees. A person who hears the buzzing can attempt a Save versus Spells to hear the actual words being spoken if they know what is causing them to hear the droning.

Usable by: Anyone.

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