[New Spell] Ancestral Oath

Ancestral Oath

Chalk exited the small, dark temple, blinking in the bright daylight. He nodded to the old priest and handed him a small pouch of gold then turned to his companions.

‘We ride to Bottle,’ he said and started for the stables.

‘What is in Bottle?’ Valance asked casually.

‘A small artifact buried under our old haunt, the Drunken Dragon,’ the wizard told the priest of the Spider God.

‘What are we to do with this artifact?’ Koram asked.

‘Bury it with an ancestor of mine. We are allowed to keep everything else we find in the old stone coffer,’ Chalk replied.

‘Hopefully that covers our drinks above in the inn!’ Navnen exclaimed as he hurried along towards the stables.

Ancestral Oath (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One turn.

When cast upon another that person (a cleric can never cast this upon themselves) is granted one turn (ten minutes) of time speaking to the spirit of an ancestor. The conversation can include any number of questions and being an ancestor, may go beyond ‘yes’ and ‘no’. As the spell begins to ebb the deceased may ask for one last minor task to be done, to complete one thing or say something that went unsaid. When this task is complete the person the spell was cast upon gains 375 x.p.

This post is dedicated to my grandmother who passed two evenings ago. More than anything I wish I had ten more minutes with her without the dementia she suffered from.

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1 Response to [New Spell] Ancestral Oath

  1. Hiverlord says:

    Sorry to hear of your loss. 😦
    And good spell, as always.

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