[New Magic Item] Wand of Rings

Wand of Rings

The mercenary Bakra-do had been following the trio of illusionists for three days now, trying to recover what they had stolen from him. He had become concerned when one of the spellcasters had been taken away one night by a titanic bat that had swooped down from the sky, yet with the pace the illusionists maintained he deduced that they were still running from him.

Two days later an ambush by a gnoll warband one dusk in the badlands had taken down another of the wily illusionists and Bakra-do himself was wounded when the gnolls spotted him and he was then pounced upon.

A week had passed and the mercenary happened upon a tavern. Thirsty for ale he entered the rustic tavern almost sure his quarry had gotten away. And there the illusionist sat up at the bar. He saw the mercenary enter and did not panic at this point. Without any prodding he surrendered the wand and a handful of rings to Bakra-do. The mercenary smiled and clapped the spellcaster on the back.

‘Was that so hard?’ he asked the illusionist.

‘Considering what befell my companions, no, not really. I was beginning to wonder what monster or monsters you were going to sic on me next!’ was the reply.

The mercenary just grinned a sly grin back, preferring to let the spellcaster think he had set those creatures in his path over correcting him.

‘Next round is on me,’ Bakra-do said as he sat beside the illusionist.

A simple enough oaken wand that has a handle with a pattern of rings carved in it, this wand is the bane of many a thief who figured that they were the only pilferer around. Many thieves devise a sticky end for spellcasters bearing one of these wands while coveting these to use themselves.

Benefit: Typically holding five charges of Magic-User spells of 1-3 level, this enchanted wand also can, once per day, draw all rings, magical or not, into the wielder’s possession. A Save versus Wands with a +1 added to the roll is allowed for the wearer/bearer of any rings to retain them, others any ring(s) that individual has slip off of the fingers or out of the pockets of that person and into the grip of the wand’s owner.

Usable by: Any spellcaster, thieves and fighters of levels 5+.

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