[New Magic Item] Ring of Undead Rule

Ring of Undead Rule

Korzi the Elusive, an illusionist of some reknown, had been the leader of more than one successful adventuring party, sometimes he was the only one left. On his seventh successful venture into the mythic underworld he found a curious magic ring on the finger of a dead explorer. And then began Korzi’s next deception, using the ring that controlled minor undead to become Korzi the Necromancer.

The magical ring got Korzi into and out of many scrapes. The illusionist often forgot details such as townsfolk being unnerved by undead porters and heralds. And then he lead an expedition into the lair of the Forgotten King. At the climax of battle Korzi wielded his magical ring and brought the lich under his command.

Weeks went by and the lich bowed and scraped and acting as a servant to the illusionist.

Then one day the lich resisted.

‘What gives you the audacity to reject my orders?’ Korzi’s voice boomed with authority as his companions cheered him one.

The Forgotten King slowly turned his smiling skull at the spellcaster.

‘That ring of yours. It is powerful. From what I understand you had a good, long run of using it to command and belittle many undead. Yet you never looked into its past nor its powers. Your ring, little illusionist, is powerful, yet I am more powerful,’ answered the Forgotten King.

‘But you….,’ Korzi stammered.

‘Humored you? Oh yes. What are a few days of being humiliated by you compared to the decades that you will serve me as an undead lackey?’ replied the Forgotten King. And then the lich cast a spell that dropped the illusionist to the ground as those gathered around became scarce.

A golden ring that has a stylized skull carved into it. The skull has one small ruby eye and one small emerald eye.

Benefit: Among the more obscure magical rings, the Ring of Undead Control allows its wearer to try to control up to 8HD of undead encountered. Wandering undead receive no Save, those controlled by another require a Wisdom Attribute check versus the Wisdom of the one currently controlling the undead in question. Whoever makes the best save keeps the undead under their command, in the case of a tie the undead are no longer under anyone’s control and will attack everyone and anyone. Note that sometimes stronger intelligent undead will sometimes play along, finding the audacity of the one wearing the ring amusing, then pounce when it is no longer fun. Usable once per week, control lasts one week per level of ring’s owner with a one week minimum.

Usable by: Anyone.

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