[New Spell] Loffkar’s Life Drain

Loffkar’s Life Drain

‘That’s a nasty cut,’ observed Vistis the Blue Mage as he pointed to a bleeding laceration on the leg of his adventuring companion, Stork. The latter looked down and grimaced. The duo had just been ambushed by a small gang of bandits. None of the thugs were left standing.

‘Let’s grab a pint,’ suggested Stork. ‘The Ravenous Roc looks busy this evening.’

‘Am I going to get strangely sleepy again?’ Visits asked.

‘Not if you go up to the bar and get the first round as I find a table near a busy area,’ the sorcerer replied as he carefully staunched the bleeding with a spare scarf he carried in his backpack.

‘Done deal!’ the illusionist said.

Loffkar’s Life Drain (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: 15′.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

When cast this spell makes the caster an energy vampire, absorbing one hit point from all living creatures within 15′ for one round per level of the wizard up to the caster’s maximum hit points and beyond, extra hit points are ‘burned off’ within one hour. There is no save to prevent this and the spellcaster doesn’t need to warn anyone, friend or foe, of the spell’s effects, although those affected will start to feel sleepy and drained.

Option: A 6th level “Greater” variant drains 1d4 hit points from all living creatures within 20′ per round for as many rounds as the caster has levels.

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