[New Magic Item] Narvir’s Odd Boots

Narvir’s Odd Boots

The small band of fey creatures continued their pursuit, laughing amongst themselves like diminutive maniacs.

‘Just give leave those damned boots somewhere!’ Chalk urged Valance.

‘I’d love to,’ replied the priest of the Spider God. ‘However, when we found them I left my other shoes behind because one had a hole in the sole.’

Koram collapsed nearby, tripped by a pair of brownies.

‘Those boots just attract everything Fey,’ lamented Navnen.

‘True, and I cannot hurt them, that doesn’t mean you can’t,’ Valance replied.

‘And bring more of them? Not a chance!’ Koram snarled as he swatted at a giggling pixie.

Nobody is really sure exactly who Narvir was, but these boots are really handy in the right company, while sometimes annoying to be wearing around sprites, pixies, brownies and the like.

Benefit: When worn these magical boots allow the wearer to Detect Magic twice per day and Dispel Magic once per day. However, the wearer of these magical boots cannot harm Fey creatures, including elves, sprites, nymphs, dryads, pixies, etc and will take double damage from any iron weapons. Even touching iron causes 1d4 points of damage. Many Fey creatures will recognize these magical boots and play pranks upon the wearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

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