[New Magic Item] Ghost Drums

Ghost Drums

The three young gnome bards were journeying with Fellhorn the druid and his companions when they heard a great snapping of limbs and branches coming nearer. One of the young gnomes rummaged in his backpack and pulled out a pair of joined bongo drums.

‘I’ll be right back,’ he whispered to the others and carefully picked his way through the shrubbery to a clearing where he started playing the drums. He repeated the tune three times and scampered back to the others who noticed that the music stayed in the clearing and kept playing.

‘You didn’t tell me those drums could do that!’ another of the young bards exclaimed to the other.

‘Shhh! Something is coming!’ whispered the first bard while the second and third bards looked on with the others.

A great sniffing and snorting creature loomed in the fir trees, its hunched bipedal shape lurking just on the edge of the clearing.

‘Troll?’ whispered the third gnome bard.

‘Troll,’ Fellhorn the druid confirmed. ‘Let’s pounce on it before it gets a chance to get the better of us. One less troll in these woods will make everyone safer.’

‘Except the troll,’ the gnome illusionist said sarcastically.

Created by barbarian shamans to enhance rituals, others have found these drums handy to cause chaos and appear to be where someone is not. Great at parties.

Benefit: The possessor of this connected pair of enchanted bongo drums has only to repeat a pattern on the drums three times and that sound will stay in that place for 1d6 hours or until the one playing the tune wills it to stop. The owner of the drums can do this up to three times in total at three different locations and can even will the volume higher or lower at each place or cause the drums to stop at any desired location.

Usable by: Anyone.

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