[New Magic Item] Undead Confusion Coins

Undead Confusion Coins

Bakra-do looked back over his shoulder. The mercenary grimaced as he saw the two skeletal creatures lumbering after him in their ancient rusting armor. He had already defeated one of the cruel undead, yet these two wights were tenacious and kept up their pursuit of the human. Realizing that these elder wights were difficult to fight it might be wiser to rely on magic to escape their relentless trailing of him.

Without another thought the mercenary threw six gold coins into the dust directly upon the trail he had just trodden on. Continuing on Bakra-do heard hissing and snarling behind him as the undead argued over the coins.

‘This one is the most valuable of these coins!’ snapped one of the wights.

‘No, this one is!’ said the other undead, pointing a bony finger at another coin.

The first wight drew his sword as the other prepared to swing his mace.

Bakra-do left the trail and hurried through the scrubby brush to escape the wights as their argument escalated.

A magic item that is discarded to be used it is unusual for anyone to hold onto these enchanted coins for very long, unless the owner is naturally very good at avoiding intelligent undead.

Benefit: To use one throws these coins in the path of any undead creature, most often while trying to evade the thing, yet sometimes to get passed a guardian or loitering undead creature. Any intelligent undead are compelled to stop and try to evaluate these enchanted coins from most to least valuable. Multiple undead might even argue among themselves which could turn into a fight 65% of the time. Whether alone or in numbers, these half dozen magical coins enthrall intelligent undead for 1d4+2 turns with no Saving Throw to avoid this odd compulsion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Undead Confusion Coins

  1. Saxinis Kion says:

    I like that. I’m going to try adding it in a future campaign.

  2. bat says:

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I hope that you let me know how it goes!

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