[New Magic Item] Hearts of the Frog Mage

Hearts of the Frog Mage

‘You got that from where?’ Chalk asked Navnen.

‘An adventurer that returned from a site in the Northern Marsh,’ replied the thief as he presented the large heart shaped lump.

‘And it will animate this cloth puppet that you made?’ Valance inquired.

‘That is the plan,’ Navnen told the priest of the Spider God as he carefully placed the heart into the human sized cloth puppet and sewed it in tight.

‘And what is the purpose?’ Koram asked.

Navnen smiled broadly and whispered into the puppet’s ear. The head turned and button eyes seized on an item in the corner and immediately went to grab the broom and began sweeping.

‘Less chores! I am buying this man a drink!’ Valance exclaimed. ‘To the tavern!’

In a strange tower surrounded by ponds that become treacherous bogs and marshland lives the mysterious Frog Mage. Somehow he aquires or makes magical hearts.

Benefit: These strange, enchanted hearts are difficult to make out if they are bits of flora or fauna, but when placed within a construct of any kind, from cloth or paper to iron or stone one of these magical hearts will animate the thing and the one (or group if multiple people are involved) who placed the heart into the construct can command it and it will feign emotions depending on circumstances. Hearts can be broken or destroyed, each can take 12 hit points of damage before ceasing to animate their construct.

Usable by: Anyone.

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