[New Magic Item] Potion of Blue Jelly

Potion of Blue Jelly

Chasing a slippery bounty, the mercenary Bakra-do hesitated a moment, frowned, then drank the deep blue potion. Instantly he dropped the vial and lost all human shape as he transformed into the form of a strange jelly-like creature. The blue jelly slithered forward and slipped under the oak door.

The screams of the bounty, Jarku Vod, it is said, could be heard for blocks as he encountered the strange blue monster that snapped his mind as it slithered up to him with single-minded determination. Vod tried to cast a spell which fizzled and failed as the blue jelly became his pursuer, Bakra-do.

‘Time to go, Vod,’ the mercenary said stoically to the gibbering renegade wizard.

One of the more odd potions out there, this particular elixir is not usually a ‘go-to’ magic item, but it will work in a pinch.

Benefit: When imbibed this potion will transform the drinker (and their clothing and possessions) into a Medium sized blue jelly with 6+4 Hit Dice. In this form one has awareness of their surroundings and can ‘see’ all around themselves without actual eyes and may climb sheer surfaces, move along ceilings and slide under doors. A pseudopod may be form to strike for 1d4+1 physical damage and a successful hit will either cost one spellcaster a spell for that day (chosen at random) or will stun any other type of mold, jelly, pudding or slime and render any attacks from that creature harmless for 1d4 turns. The affected character moves at their normal movement and while slicing or crushing attacks only cause the blue jelly to reconstitute itself fire, acid and electricity do double damage to the jelly. Effect lasts for 1d4 hours although one may make a Save versus Paralysis and return to their normal form.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Potion of Blue Jelly

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    Hello Steve,
    I presume anything they are wearing and carrying is also transformed? While initially. Intimidating or shocking for a blue slime to suddenly transform into a naked and unarmed person, that advantage would be brief if it was the case. 😁
    You’re on a good creative run.

    • bat says:

      Glenn! That is a great point. As I see a lot of things in my wonky, wobbly way I see it as a complete transformation, including clothing and gear a la an old Sinbad film, you are right, I should clarify.


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