[New Spell] Scholarly Dead

Scholarly Dead

Fellhorn, the elf ranger and gnome illusionist scrambled up the tower, a platoon of skeletal undead pursuing them in rusty armor bearing similarly rusty weapons.

‘This doesn’t look good,’ the elf commented just before an ancient arrow pierced his hat causing no harm other than making his hat rest at a sharp angle.

With a soft flash the undead suddenly stopped and gathered in a huddle, their skeletal teeth clacking, most dropped their weapons. Slowly they backed away from the tower.

The three adventurers looked at each other, puzzled.

A figure approached cautiously, and threw back their hood, revealing a human female with short, dark hair.

‘Looks like you needed a bit of help there. I’m Firnonce of the Wild Angels,’ she said as an introduction.

‘Much obliged, we are in your debt, I am Fellhorn, a druid from Forngladden Forest,’ Fellhorn said.

‘He doesn’t even know our names, nobody really bothers,’ the elf said with a smirk as he indicated himself and the gnome.

Scholarly Dead (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: 3HD of undead/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

A priestly spell that affects only unintelligent undead such as skeletons and zombies, this magic grants those affected with an Intelligence of 10+2d4 (all affected creatures receive the same attribute score simulataneously, there is no need to make individual rolls) and the sudden realization of self again. This will cause most of those under this spell to flee the area for 2d6 turns and try to avoid combat as they contemplate their undead existence. If these affected undead have a more powerful intelligent undead or living controller, such as a vampire, lich or necromancer this individual may make a Save versus Spells roll with a -2 modifier to try to regain control of their undead flock. If they do not flee these enlightened undead may even prove useful regarding local history of the area. As the spell slowly fades they lose their awareness and become unintelligent again, although there is a 14% chance that 1d4 will retain their intelligence and strike out into the world on their own.

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