[New Magic Item] Necklace of the Efreeti

Necklace of the Efreeti

Suddenly a human stranger appeared beside the campfire.

‘Pardon the intrusion,’ the somberly dressed man said as he looked nervously over his shoulder.

Fellhorn grabbed his scimitar as the elf ranger and gnome illusionist also armed themselves.

‘I mean no harm, just passing through,’ the stranger said a growling sound could be heard in the distance. The campfire erupted into a pillar of flame that could obviously be seen for miles away.

‘Give me the sword and necklace!’ a booming, unearthly voice demanded as a strange, fiendish looking ogre-like creature appeared in the flame.

‘I must be going!’ the man said with a tip of his hat and he disappeared off into the night, leaving the creature glaring at the trio of adventurers.

‘Don’t look at us, we don’t have whatever you are seeking,’ the druid told the efreeti. The monster snorted small flames from its nostrils and took off in pursuit of its prey.

‘We can’t even camp in peace anymore,’ grumbled the gnome.

Dangerous to possess yet handy to have around in a pinch, this magic item has been the downfall and triumph of many an adventurer.

Benefit: This enchanted necklace grants the wearer of following abilties once per day: Produce Flame as a 5th level Druid, Blur (Illusionist spell, person appears blurry as if seen through intense heat), teleport to within 10′ of flame as bright as a torch or greater within line of sight, double carrying capacity and be unburdened in doing so for three hours. Note: if used within reasonable distance of an item such as the Sword of the Efreeti (q.v.) there is a 76% chance of an enraged efreeti appearing and trying to claim all related magic items and maybe teaching the bearers a lesson.

Usable by: Anyone.

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