[New Spell] Pilfered from a Dragon’s Hoard

Pilfered from a Dragon’s Hoard

‘What’s that?’ Valance asked Navnen.

‘Another mysterious note,’ replied the thief as he handed it over to the priest of the Spider God.

Valance read the scrap of parchment.

‘This seems rather ominous. And threatening. Nice handwriting though,’ the priest replied and handed the note back.

‘I am just not sure what is going on. And yes, it seems quite threatening,’ agreed the thief.

‘Could this be from that wizard you bumped into in Saldis-Gre?’ Valance asked.

‘It could be, yet this seems more sinister, and the writing is quite archaic. But wizards do strange things,’ Navnen said.

‘Archaic writing?’ hissed the magically shrunken dragon from the attic as he spied the two through a knothole in the floor.

Pilfered from a Dragon’s Hoard (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day or until the dragon arrives.

When cast upon another it causes one item owned and coveted by the target of the spell to be the possession of an adult or ancient dragon and the beast is aware that their treasure hoard has been stolen from. As most humans, demihumans and humanoids are all the same to a dragon it is difficult for the creature to pinpoint an exact thief (in their mind) although a rough location is known to the beast. Dragons, once agitated and awake, often begin a cat-and-mouse game with their prey, although others fly into a rage and destroy everything in sight. Negotiation is not in the vocabulary of many dragons.

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