[New Magic Item] Knakki’s Sea Spear and Gauntlet

Knakki’s Sea Spear and Gauntlet

Koram reeled in another catch that he speared with his new magical weapon. He showed the wriggling thing to Chalk.

‘Can we eat it?’ the fighter asked the wizard.

Chalk jumped, rocking the small boat violently.

‘Who would want to? Look at that thing’s eyes!’ replied the magic-user.

‘Okay, fine, but we are going to get hungry before too long,’ Koram said as he pulled the creature off of the end of the spear and threw it back into the water.

‘Was that a fin?’ asked a terrified Valance.

‘You are fine, I do not think that there are any sharks in this sea,’ Navnen said to reasure the priest of the Spider God.

Koram looked down in the water again and saw an enormous shadowy shark-like creature swimming below, it turned to look up at him.

‘Yeah, no sharks in these waters,’ Koram said as he lowered the spear and sat down quietly and looking rather pale.

Created by sorcerers of a vindictive clan of coastal warriors this spear and gauntlet has discouraged more than a few raids from underwater species. The trick is to take down the leader first and the others often swim away in horror.

Benefit: This enchanted spear can be used from above water to hit anything that the bearer can see with a +2 to Hit bonus. While wearing the gauntlet the chain that connects the two will magically extend to the target and can be pulled to reel in any target. The spear deals 1d8+2 points of damage (above or below water) and there is a 45% chance that any intelligent water-breathing targets will be Stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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