[New Magic Item] Two, Three, Four Slash Button

Two, Three, Four Slash Button

‘We had better lay low after that escapade!’ Koram told the others.

‘That goes without saying. There is going to be a mob after us now,’ added Valance.

‘Probably nothing to do with all of those spiders you summoned,’ quipped Navnen.

Valance pouted and looked hurt. He was actually proud of himself.

Chalk fumbled with something in the pocket of his robes. He revealed a brass button.

‘That will get us out of this?’ Koram asked.

The wizard held the button up and made a mark on the earth with his right foot and encouraged the others to do the same. Then he buried the button on the spot.

‘It won’t save us, but if we scatter now just think of this button in two weeks and you will be lead back here. Two weeks should be enough time for this to blow over?’ he told the others.

The sounds of an angry mob forming could be heard in the not so distant village.

‘Scatter! We meet here in two weeks!’ Chalk urged the others to go in different directions before disappearing into the thick foliage himself.

Because a useful halfling thief kept losing the brass buttons off of his vest as well as losing himself a kindly old wizard enchanted the buttons into magic items to recall those who search for something.

Benefit: Technically a ‘Five Slash Button’, one of these enchanted buttons requires at least two and up to five to activate. Each contributor makes a short mark on the ground with a foot, each mark crossing another while at least one of them holds one of these buttons. Then the button is buried on the spot and for a year and a day all participants can recall themselves to the area where the button was left underground. This recall is knowing the location with concentration, not teleporting to the spot. If the button is unearthed by anyone not involved in the particular burial of the button the magic is dispelled for that time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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