[New Magic Item] Dalg’s Horrible Horseshoe

Dalg’s Horrible Horseshoe

Bakra-do watched the thief Vilge as he climbed out of a window to escape from the mercenary turned bounty hunter. Vilge looked over his shoulder at his pursuer and seemed to laugh as he nudged his horse on. Bakra-do tried the same, yet his horse veered sharply to the left, then the right. Vilge was soon a dot on the horizon as the puzzled bounty hunter finally realized that he was not going to be following his quarry this way. He turned his horse back into town and headed for the stablemaster.

‘Something wrong with your horse?’ the stablemaster asked.

‘I am not sure, but I need another,’ Bakra-do replied.

‘I haven’t got much left, business has been good.’

The mercenary eyed the three horses that remained.

‘I will trade for that one,’ he said, indicating an old gray horse.

The stablemaster scratched his head.

‘I will give you fifty silver pieces, your horse is much better,’ he offered.

‘Yours is not bewitched, keep your silver, it just makes me more determined to catch my prey,’ replied Bakra-do as he switched horses and tried trailing Vilge again.

Dalg was certainly a wily character, one who was often hunted for his antics. A wizard owing the scoundrel a favor enchanted a horseshoe for Dalg that, rumor has it, he was found holding after death with a smile frozen on his wizened, old face. Perhaps he was pondering all of his narrow misses as he died.

Benefit: When held against a mount for at least three rounds (30 seconds) the creature is confused as to which direction it should go and will try its best to go in the opposite direction of the bearer of this enchanted horseshoe. All trails lead away from this person for one day. A determined rider may roll to overwhelm this magic item, a roll of 6 on a d6 means that the rider can still pursue their target without hindrance while a result of 1 means that the mount will not follow the trail of the horseshoe’s owner for three days.

Usable by: Anyone.

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