[New Spell] Opposites Distract

Opposites Distract

‘Valance, I need some advice,’ Navnen said to the priest of the Spider God.

‘Sure thing,’ he replied.

‘I seem to suddenly be plagued by spiders and spider-like things, why is that?’ the thief asked.

‘It isn’t from me!’ retorted Valance.

‘Yeah, I know, it started when we raided that weird temple in the swamp, that odd frog cleric hit me on the jaw,’ Navnen answered.

Valance sat back and pondered the problem.

‘What advice do you have?’ the thief asked the priest.

‘I would avoid places where spiders live.’

‘Spiders are everywhere! Can you maybe put in a word with your patron for me?’

‘Oh, yeah! I can try that too.’

Opposites Distract (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day.

The target of this spell finds themselves on the wrong end of a deity of the opposite alignment. Even Neutral individuals can be on the wrong end of a Lawful or Chaotic deity’s ire. While the god or goddess will not feel compelled to kill the subject of the spell outright, they will make life challenging. The target may appeal to their own deity, if they have one, to intervene on their behalf, or they my tough it out. At the end of the spell if the subject toughed it out they are granted 2000 XP.

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