[New Magic Item] Azmere’s Odd Necklace

Azmere’s Odd Necklace

‘What was that?’ the gnome illusionist asked with a hint of fear in his voice as he stared passed the crackling campfire.

‘I didn’t hear anything unusual,’ said Fellhorn the druid.

‘Nor I’ replied the elf ranger.

‘It is a low moaning sound. Grisly,’ the gnome said.

‘Probably that cursed necklace you found,’ the druid said as he took a sip of ale.

‘Didn’t this necklace help us when the bugbear raiders tried to rob us? I negotiated with them instead of us being turned into paste,’ retorted the illusionist.

‘At what price, you being more paranoid?’ the ranger asked.

The druid chuckled as the illusionist scowled.

A beautifully wrought necklace purportedly enchanted by the archmage Azmere. If so the wizard was either a bit off that day or feeling mischievous for the necklace has an interesting side effect.

Benefit: While worn the wearer gains 1d4+1 extra languages which they may freely use, yet are chosen at random. If taken off this ‘resets’ to another 1d4+1 languages, which may or may not be the same as before. There is a quirk to the magic necklace; each night a d4 is rolled, on a result of 1 the wearer of the necklace hears ghostly voices that are unnerving and cause the subject to experience a -1 on all rolls and to want to flee the immediate area for three turns (30 minutes).

Usable by: Anyone.

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