[New Magic Item] Boots of Hate

Boots of Hate

The fire giant marauder grimaced as the dwarfs advanced. He knew they always had some trick up their sleeves, and these would be no different. They were too confident.

Raising his flaming sword the giant roared and charged into battle.

It wasn’t their sleeves this time where the short demi-humans had their trick.

Boots. It was their boots. The fire giant fell after a vicious fight, howling in defeat before it fell.

Given to a dwarf mercenary that was famous for fighting ogres and giants these magical boots have turned the tide of many a fight when bitter rival or despised monsters have suddenly appeared to cause trouble.

Benefit: In combat these enchanted boots allow the wearer one extra kick attack. This kick deals 1d4 points of damage unless the wearer’s opponent is one that the wearer has a grudge against or bonus to attack because of species strife (e.g. dwarfs and giants) or an already established enemy from the wearer’s past, in which case the damage is 1d6+2. It is said that these boots momentarily point in the direction of a hated enemy if one comes within 60′.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear boots, halflings might be hesitant.

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