[New Magic Item] Helmet of Hindsight and Foresight

Helmet of Hindsight and Foresight

Koram slipped the weathered copper helmet onto his head. He made a few odd faces and then seemed to be looking into either another time or place. His face suddenly grew grim and he set his jaw.

‘No,’ he simply said.

‘What is it?’ Navnen asked.

‘Priests of Locustus. They are coming for Valance in three nights,’ the fighter replied.

The priest of the Spider God stood up and nodded solemnly.

‘This is my fight,’ he told his friends.

‘This is our fight, we are a team,’ Chalk replied.

‘Can’t we just run?’ Navnen suggested.

Valance looked at the thief.

‘How do you outrun priests that can see through the eyes of a bee, or ant, or moth? There is no running, but knowing that they are coming, we can be prepared’ he said.

‘Then we fight them, together,’ Navnen said.

The third night arrived.

Valance grinned. Spiders began appearing from everywhere, the first two priests of the Insect God never even got in through the windows before they were screaming from the wild hallucinations of the spider venom.

Some say the dent in this copper helmet was made by a demigod’s club while others speculate it was from a really, really long fall. Tricky to use, yet useful if you get it right.

Benefit: Granting the wearer a +1 to AC this enchanted helm also allows the wearer to see the world around them at different points in time. A successful Int attribute roll is required to control the time, a failed roll means that not only is the time wildly off (trying for ten years in the past may show one day in the future) there is also a 5% chance that the helm’s wearer will be transported to that point in time and must try to return, which takes a succesful Wisdom attribute roll adding 2 to the roll. A successful or unsuccessful use grants about one turn (ten minutes) of looking into the desired time.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a magical helmet.

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