[New Magic Item] Crown of Larnop

Crown of Larnop

The two adventuring parties met in the ruins. The halfling from the rival party stepped forward and motioned for his companions to step back. He then delicately placed a crown on his head.

Valance snickered. Koram drew his Crystal Sword.

‘I am not bowing before some sawed-off rat that lives in a hole in the ground,’ he roared.

‘I’m with Koram, step aside, runt,’ Navnen said as he pulled two daggers out.

Koram dropped his sword with a loud clang and Navnen looked stunned as he plunged both daggers into his own chest. Chalk started murmering a spell.

Navnen fell to his knees, blood streaming from his mouth. Then he fell over, apparently dead.

‘We had that thief longer than any other! You will pay for that!’ bellowed the priest of the Spider God.

‘Oh?’ the halfing said as his companions slowly advanced.

Koram took two steps backwards and drew his crossbow, Chalk caused the earth under their rival’s feet to become clawing, muddy hands while Valance closed his eyes for a moment. Spiders erupted into the ruins.

‘Kill them all,’ the priest of the Spider God said calmly.

The halfing turned to run so fast that he almost lost his crown.

‘Not spiders!’ the halfling screamed as he ran passed all of his struggling companions to flee the ruins.

Possibly meant to be a weapon to wage peace, this magic item is more often used to cause discord and victims around the wearer. Very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Benefit: When worn this enchanted crown causes all bared weapons within 20′ of the wearer to have an Intelligence of 12 and be under the command one of crown’s owner. Weapons may be ordered to drop to the ground or to turn against the wielder and attack.them (requiring a Dex attribute check from the wielder with a penalty of 2-add 2 to the die result) to avoid either. Those who make their Dex check retain control of the weapon in hand until the next round, when the process starts over. Effect lasts two turns (twenty minutes) and requires concentration from the crown’s wearer. There is a 4% chance that the Intelligence endures with the weapon after exposure to the crown’s power.

Usable by: Anyone.

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