[New Spell] Into the Arena

Into the Arena

The gnome illusionist suddenly appeared before the druid and elf ranger.

‘You were of no help when that crazy wizard cast his spell,’ the elf said with a smirk.

‘What?’ the small illusionist asked as he looked around him seemingly in disbelief.

‘Give him a break for once, who knows where he was taken off to by that spell?’ said Fellhorn the druid.

‘I do not wish to appear to be rude, but who exactly are you two?’ the illusionist asked.

‘Must have bumped his head when he was gone,’ said the elf. ‘Shame.’

‘I was minding my business wandering the Hills of Krench and suddenly I was in an arena where I had to fight a gnome that looked like me,’ the gnome illusionist said.

The elf shrugged.

‘Hopefully you will be handier than the last gnome,let’s go,’ the elf ranger said.

The gnome stood looking bewildered while the druid shrugged and motioned for the gnome to follow.

Into the Arena (Magic-user)

Level 6

Range: Touch.

Duration: Special, see below.

When cast upon an individual that subject is immediately whisked away to an arena somewhere in the cosmos. Crowds cheer and jeer as the target of the spell faces ever increasing challenges, normally three combat situations that begin easy, then become more challenging and end with the subject of the spell pitted against an exact replica of themselves from another dimension, with the same capabilities as the subject. Winner returns to where the target stood as the spell was cast.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Into the Arena

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    A truly nightmarish spell!!

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