[New Magic Item] Arrow of Shrinking Giants

Arrow of Shrinking Giants

The massive hill giant bellowed and swun its club at the gnome’s illusion of a slavering hellhound.

‘How long will that distract him?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘Until one of you two comes up with a better plan,’ replied the gnome as he concentrated on his spell, making the illusory hellhound nip at the giant or jump out of the club’s path.

Just then three elven riders burst into the glen. One of the elves loosed an arrow at the giant before it could respond. The arrow hit and the giant wailed as it shrank down to human size. It dropped the now oversized club and ran for the trees. The elf ranger smiled and waved at the trio of riders. They scowled in return.

‘Can you handle the giant now?’ one of them sneered and then they rode off.

‘Friends of yours?’ the gnome illusionist asked with a wry smile.

The elf smirked and retrieved the arrow that the hill giant had hastily pulled from its chest and dropped to the ground.

‘Maybe we can see how small one of these can make you,’ the elf said with a sinister gleam in his eye.

‘That’s quite alright, I do not need to know,’ the small illusionist said.

When marauding giants kept trying to infiltrate the Forngladden Forest they never got a clue that the elves were trying to find a way to bring the giants down to size. A half a dozen of these enchanted arrows were created and the menace stopped overnight.

Benefit: Upon a successful Hit, which deals 1d4+2 damage, and a failed Saving Throw (-2 modifier) any giant struck with one of these enchanted arrows will become human sized for two turns (twenty minutes). This reduces Hit Dice and damage dealt accordingly (typically one quarter of normal). Thrown stones and boulders are no longer possible. Normally any giant that actually survives this ordeal is leery around enemy archers in the future and has 55% chance to flee the area upon seeing any archers or even bows present.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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