[New Magic Item] Candling Scroll

Candling Scroll

The mercenary Bakra-do found an out of the way place in the bustling city and lit the human-shaped candle as he was instructed, when the bell of the shrine of the dragon toad rang for the first time that day. Patiently he sat as the candle burned down and just as the candle was a puddle of hot wax a wizard suddenly appeared before the mercenary.

‘Excellent work!’ exclaimed the spellcaster as he looked around at his surroundings.

‘That will be two hundred gold pieces,’ replied Bakra-do.

‘Yes, yes, in time,’ the wizard said.

The mercenary grumbled.

‘I would like my pay now,’ Bakra-do said coldly.

‘I can turn you into a candle and put you on a shelf somewhere,’ the spellcaster boasted as he wiggled a scroll before the mercenary’s face.

‘Can you do this before I carve you to pieces?’ the mercenary inquired, each hand on the pommel of a sword at his side.

The wizard searched his robes until he found a pouch of gold.

‘You have a point,’ the spellcaster said as he smiled weakly and handed over the gold.

One of those magic items that makes normal people leery of spellcasters in general, a Candling Scroll is a handy enchanted scroll with a variety of uses. It is said that some wizards have had many of these scrolls and have amassed an interesting array of candles with them.

Benefit: When one of these scrolls is read aloud by the right spellcaster or thief this magic item will levitate in the air before the reader and begin to melt like hot wax, just as one item indicated by the reader also melts into a candle. The reader of the scroll determines the object ,living or non-living, up to 1,000 lbs (living beings receive a Saving Throw versus Petrification of Paralysis with a -1 modifier to their roll to avoid the effect of the scroll). The scroll and target merge into the resulting candle which will stay in this state until the wick is lit and the candle burned at a rate of 150lbs per half hour (the scroll weight is negligible and not considered). When the candle is finished burning the target is in their previous state and the scroll is recharged and ready to be used again. If the candle is destroyed in any other way, such as be crushed or being melted without being properly lit then the item and scroll are both destroyed and are just bits of wax.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a magical scroll.

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