[New Encounter] Pond of Krognol

Pond of Krognol

Koram emerged from the strange waters of the enchanted pond and looked around. The fighter breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Valance and Chalk.

‘He’s wiser than I thought,’ the priest of the Spider God admitted.

‘We cannot afford to lose anyone else,’ the wizard Chalk said. ‘I am glad we all made it safely….because…..’

He jerked a finger behind him at the strange four-armed entity that was brandishing three swords and a scepter.

‘State your business in this land,’ the monstrous humanoid bellowed in a deep, booming voice.

‘We are here to find the thief city of Vorgiss, said to be in this lands,’ replied Chalk.

‘And your coins? I do like collecting coins from other worlds,’ the ogrish thing said.

They each produced a smattering of silver and gold coins and offered them to the creature who seemed delighted.

‘You may pass. And your path home will not be challenged from here,’ the guardian said.

‘And where may we find Vorgiss?’ asked Koram.

The green skinned thing pointed a sword in three different directions and the scepter in the fourth as it grinned.

The trio of adventurers all smirked and headed East for no good reason.

In most worlds the Pond of Krognol appears as a small pond with a mirror-like smooth surface, almost as if it was made of mercury. Anyone with access may enter the still water and try to enter another world, which may be another Prime Material plane or even an Outer Plane. No Inner Plane versions of this pond are known to exist.

In the game: The Pond of Krognol may be used to access other worlds, keep in mind that some worlds do not want visitors and this magical pathway may have several guardians around it, some may naturally not get along yet have forged an alliance temporarily to help each other to repel intruders. A Wisdom attribute roll must be passed by each one who seeks to travel in this way and those who enter within one turn and succeed with this attribute check will emerge from a similar pond at their desired destination although there is still a 14% chance of extra-planar interference. Those who fail their attribute save are dropped off at random somewhere in the multiverse where there is another enchanted body of water like the Pond of Krognol. Once submerged in this pond one will not drown as the magical waters grants Water Breathing as the magic-user spell.

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