[New Spell] Animate Clay Thing

Animate Clay Thing

The trio of adventurers sauntered into the small village and were immediately amazed by what appeared to be the occupants of the place; small, strange beings of clay that seemed to go about their business with a type of purpose, yet their expressions were blank as that of any simple clay sculpture. Just as the elf ranger was about to say something pithy a human appeared, falling out of a tavern window.

‘Oi! I spilled my drink!’ he exclaimed. The yokel pointed to one of the clay menagerie and made a drinking motion. It dropped its broom and walked to the bar and made the same gesture to another clay figure that poured a drink, handed to the first clay thing and it walked it back to the drunkard.

‘What sort of place is this?’ the elf asked aloud.

‘Welcome to the village of Burusk, where we love our priest of the goddess of ale and wine!’ the yokel stammered.

Fellhorn the druid turned to his companions.

‘This is why I dislike society as a rule,’ he whispered to them.

‘How about you?’ the elf asked the gnome illusionist. ‘This sort of sloth seems to be your thing.’

The gnome crossed his arms and eyebrows and scowled, although secretly he thought these people seemed to have it rather good.

Animate Clay Thing (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day. Maybe be cast again upon same object.

This prayer animates a small sculpted clay being. The image may be of anything and must be no larger than a medium sized dog. This animated clay can act as a beast of burden, bearing up to 500 gold pieces in weight, a torch bearer, butler or even combatant, fighting as a 2+2HD creature dealing 2d4 damage with a pummel attack. Not needing to eat, sleep, drink or breathe the resulting creature may be given simple commands and may be sent into dangerous areas although it cannot speak and if submerged in water for longer than 24 hours it may begin to dissolve, losing 1 HP per hour after one day submerged, this will heal naturally if exposed to air before being destroyed. If this spell is successfully cast upon the same figure three times within three days of the spell elapsing there is a 75% chance of the creature gaining a spark of divine life and receiving a 2d6+4 Int as well as other Attribute points as an NPC. The enchanted clay may be kept by the caster or bonded to another at the time the spell is cast.

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