[New Magic Item] Weird Keys of Klond

Weird Keys of Klond

The cat investgated the room with great intent, looking high and low for something in particular.

Suddenly the lock jiggled and the animal ran towards the door.

Too late, the key slipped from the lock as the thief picked it and fell with a thud to the wooden floor and the door opened just as Stork, who had been the inquisitive cat a few moments ago now grasped for the door handle in vain.

‘Who are you?’ the thief asked in surprise.

‘I could ask the same,’ Stork replied with a hiss as he snatched his key from the floor.

The thief shut the door as he drew a dagger.

Stork grinned and drew a wand.

‘Are you the wizard Stork?’ the thief inquired with wide eyes.

‘Yesssss,’ Stork replied with evil delight as the thief tried to escape.

These keys stand out in that the bow (the end of the handle) of the key is in the shape of a stylized animal. You may not open any locks with these keys, but you can find other ways to get passed a lock with one.

Benefit: Insert one of these keys into any lock on a thing (a door, chest, window, etc), basically, not a padlock itself, but a lock that locks something specific and the one turning the key will become a typical version of the animal represented in the bow of the key. Normally these are mundane animals, such as cats, dogs, bats, rats, weasels, etc and the person transforming retans his or her mental attributes and has the animal’s physical attributes. This change typically lasts for one hour per level of the person with a half hour maximum for zero level characters. If the key is removed by anyone, including the transformed, intentionally or not, the magic is over and the person regains their normal form. All clothing and gear transforms with the person and it is common for one trait of the person transformed to be seen in the animal shape they take (hair/eye color, limp-which does not affect physical Attributes in animal form, etc).

Usable by: Anyone.

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