[New Magic Item] Wand of Lock Attunement

Wand of Lock Attunement

Vistis the Blue Mage searched frantically through the pockets of his robes.

‘Quickly! Someone is coming!’ urged his adventuring companion, Stork the sorcerer.

‘We really need a thief….here’s one!’ Vistis said and he held a key in one hand and touched a lock wih another then he proceeded to open the lock with the newly altered key.

‘Let’s go!’ the illusionist shrieked to the sorcerer just before the guards arrived.

The door clanged shut in the face of the captain of the guardsmen.

‘Key!’ he shouted.

Yet for some reason no key could be found on the master keyring, even when the frustrated captain searched himself.

By the time the guardsmen were through the two wily spellcasters were long gone.

A simple enough magical wand that can overcomplicate things in time. And don’t get caught with one on your person by the constables!

Benefit: This enchanted wand will cause any one key in hand to attune itself to a lock touched by the bearer with the wand. This allows the lock to be opened and closed with no problem. This also causes a situation in which another key for this lock (quite often the closest), if one exists, takes the form of the key used to open the lock current lock. Each wand can hold three charges and one charge will replenish itself per week.

Usable by: Thieves and illusionists.

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