[New Spell] Szark’s Ropeweight

Szark’s Ropeweight

Bakra-do looked at the small stone that the rope in his hand was tied to then looked at the wizard.

‘It will hold your weight, if you quit dawdling before the spell elapses!’ Nordwid the Neverlate told the mercenary.

The mercenary took a deep breathe and descended over the edge of the cliff. He breathed a quick sigh of relief and started to lower himself. Wizards were tricky and he was always wary of their spells.

Nordwid simply leaped over the side of the cliff and slowly floated to the ground like a feather.

‘You don’t trust your rope?’ Bakra-do asked when they both got to the bottom of the cliff.

‘Not with this ring that slows my falls,’ the wizard replied. ‘Only problem is that the ring doesn’t allow me to fall up.’

Szark’s Ropeweight (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster.

This spell allows the caster to alter the weight of anything tied to the other end of it up to plus or minus ten times. With it a 3 lb jug tied to one end can be swun around and strike a target as if it were 30 lbs, dealing much more damage. Or a 30 lb rock can become a 300 lb anchor for climbing or descending in a pinch. Works on living creatures and constructs too. If a magical rope has this spell cast upon it the caster must make a Save versus Paralysation with a -2 modifier. If the magic-user fails they are stunned for 1d4 rounds, if they make the Saving Throw then the spell can be ‘piggybacked’ onto the enchanted rope for the spell’s duration.

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