[New Magic Item] Click and Bang Stone

Click and Bang Stone

‘Do we dare use this stone again?’ one of the halfling wardens asked another.

‘Just be careful with it. The last time we lost Sibos. It is useful magic, but dangerous,’ replied the other halfling.

The six halflings set up camp, complete with a fire as night fell. One of the little folk balanced a rune covered stone on its edge and instantly strange noises surrounded them. They were used to the noises now and could fall asleep without fear or hesitation despite the random clicks and scrapes and mewling sounds.

At the edge of the light cast by the campfire a small creature lurched into view. The small skeleton inched towards the fire, his cape and metal cap told the others it was their companion lost four nights ago to creeping undead things.

‘Sibos has returned!’ one of the halflings said.

Yet Sibos was undead now himself, and answered only to a master in the darkness. Without emotion the skeleton raised its short sword to its previous companions.

A very simple, yet effective magic item for those who do not wish to be disturbed at night. The side effects could cause further entanglements though, use with caution.

Benefit: A rune-covered enchanted oval stone that, when balanced on its edge will produce eerie sounds in a 35′ radius. Creatures of animal intelligence will not enter the area, with the exception of vermin (rats, mice, insects, etc) while those of Semi Intelligence plus must make a Save versus Paralysis or flee the area for 1d4 hours. Those who make their saving throw are still -1 to hit and damage due to the strange and unnerving noises. There is a 10% chance that any ghost, ghoul, animated skeleton, poltergeist or similar undead will be attracted to these sounds and will try to add to the chaos if possible.

Usable by: Anyone.

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