[New Magic Item] Shield of Balance

Shield of Balance

Narrox the Feral strode confidently through the ruins and then he saw the quartet of halflings sitting around their campfire. The dog-headed Champion of Chaos snarled and drew an axe that seemed to snarl itself.

The halfings jumped into action, one in particular face off against Narrox with a shield that seemed to glow softly.

Narrox struck the shield and howled in confusion.

Now there were only two halfings.

Something sharp pierced the side of the Champion of Chaos. His next howl was one of pain.

‘Horkel the Lawful, at your service!’ came a voice somewhere beside Narrox. The Chaos Champion lashed out again, and this time a short blade bit into his other side.

‘And Kirel the Just, at your service!’ was heard at Narrox’s other side.

A half dozen pathetic mutants lurched into view and grabbed their bleeding leader only to carry him off into the shadows.

A piece of armor so hated by some in the Cosmic Struggle that armies have been diverted to avoid the one bearing it. Many a Champion of Law or Chaos has been laid low by this shield.

Benefit: In combat this enchanted shield adds +2 to the bearer’s AC and, in addition, those of Lawful or Chaotic alignment that strike the shield cannot see those of their opposite alignment for one round per level of the one striking the shield. For example, a 4th level chaotic fighter that hits the shield cannot see any Lawful beings around them for four rounds while a 1st level Lawful cleric that strikes the shield cannot see Chaotic individuals or creatures for one round. There is no Saving Throw as this shield is meant to encourage parley, although in reality it rarely does. Those of Lawful or Chaotic alignment that pick up this shield suffer 1d4 hit point loss per round.

Usable by: Those who can use a shield of Neutral alignment.

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